Unique killers {Event} .

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Unique killers {Event} .

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 30, 2013 1:24 am

Hi everybody,
Do you remember the event we told you about before??
yes ??!!!!........ CO0ol
Now this is the time for that event we announced before,
Here are the info. of the Event:...

- The event will be a Unique event for all the server players.
- Any player can join this event and take part in it.
- The next event will be on 15/7/2013.
- The winner party will get 800 Silk as a reward.
- Each player in the party will get 100 silk.
- We will make a big event like this every 15 days(2 weeks).
- The winners will get silk gifts and rewards depending on how big the event is .

Thank you .

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