Account protection Guide .

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Account protection Guide .

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 04, 2013 2:54 am

In order to Protect Your Account please read carefully the next tips :

•Do not use Illegal Programs or Bots

Do not use any illegal program alongside the Game client and do not use any tools to alter the client. Please remember that you are not protected by us if you use Bot System.
Use of illegal programs or bots only makes the player vulnerable to identity and account theft.

•Do not purchase any gold from gold selling sites nor avail of any power leveling services.

We advise our users NOT to have transactions with Gold Selling/ Gold buying sites, and companies that offer power leveling Titans-sro is NOT affiliated with any gold selling or power leveling sites.

•Do not share account information with others .

DO NOT SHARE YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION to anyone. Never ask others to play on your behalf and do not share your password to individuals even friends, guild members etc. Even if your computer is secured, your account can be compromised if the PC of the user whom you have shared your account with is compromised

•Do not purchase or trade Game accounts .

Sale and purchase of Game accounts are illegal and is a violation of Titans-sro Terms of Use. We do not recommend purchase of old accounts as unscrupulous sellers can retrieve the account since they know the user id, secret answer, and other account information.

•Use Email Verification system and secure your registered Email account .

Protect the information of the email address that is associated to your Titans-sro account. Exercise effort in securing your email address and change its password frequently.

•Change Your Password frequently and use a complex password for your Titans-sro account.

We encourage our users to change the password periodically and create a unique set of password in order to ensure that no one invades your account.

•Be Cautious of Phishing Sites and beware of phishing emails .

Do not enter malicious websites that might install keyloggers in your system. Do not open suspicious emails, files or attachments from unknown sources.

•Install AntiVirus Program, anti Spyware Programs in Your PC .

In order to keep your PC safe and secure, you must eliminate all viruses, keyloggers, Trojans and rootkits. The more viruses, key-loggers, and Trojans you have in your PC, higher the chance you will have your account information hacked.

Ex :
Avast antivirus


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