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Some Ideas

Post by Tk on Wed Jul 17, 2013 3:13 pm

well im pretty new and got few ideas to improv the server and atract more player Smile ( new player )

1st : make some extras at the Beginner items for example devil 5% for 14days or pick pet 3days all the stuff should be like the revers scroll you already added NOT ABLE TO TRADE/ PUT INTO STORAGE when the period finished should be able to sell into the npc

2nd : i saw you can stack the potions into 1000 so can you set also universall pill by use STR+ R Mous Click to stack and buy from npc as 1000 unit stacks ?

well thats all for now as i said im pretty new if i find new ideas i will let you know it Smile

Sry for the spell mistakes i post this with my iphone Very Happy

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