The server introduction .

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The server introduction .

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 03, 2013 3:37 pm

Hello ,
I'd like to introduce Titans-sro server

Degree : D11.
LVL Cap : 110.
Exp. Rate : 350x.
S.P. Rate : 400x.
Item Drop Rate: 400x.
Gold Drop Rate: 350x.
Alchamy : 2x.
Race : Chn , Eu
HP/MP sack : 10,000
Elixir sack : 500 elixirs

Starting item:

Item sack

Avatar NPC in Alexandria town .

Npc in jangan sells :
Stones , Advanced elixir Grade B & A for gold
Global chat , reverse for titans silk , arena coins

You can also get titans silk , reverse , global chat from killing unique .

HonorBuff system is working

New vote system is added for more info. about how to use it , please visit this link

Websitelink :Titans-Sro :: Best in world
Registerlink :Titans-Sro :: Best in world
Forum:Titans-Sro Forum
Facebook fan page :

Basically it's still a new server so more updates are coming in the future.


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